Water testing

In the laboratory of J.S. Hamilton performs microbiological and physicochemical tests of water in terms of its quality and purity – incl. groundwater, water from surface intakes, water from bored / deep wells, process water, pool water, water from installations susceptible to Legionella, etc.

We also carry out tests on special customer orders.

Our offer includes water tests:

  • groundwater from the well, from the water intake supplied by the well (borehole, dug well, piezometers) in order to use it for economic and / or drinking purposes;
  • drinking water testing
  • tests of surface waters – lakes, rivers, bathing areas – in terms of physicochemical, chemical and biological elements;
  • tap water from the municipal network to check if it is fit for drinking;
  • swimming pool water testing – in facilities such as swimming pools, swimming pools or water parks;
  • technological water testing in order to eliminate the negative impact on the course of technological processes and production systems;
  • water for the presence of Legionella bacteria from the swimming pool, paddling pool or other places, in accordance with ISO 11731: 2017. The determination of Legionella in water samples is accredited;
  • of water for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, especially in hospitals.